On 1 May 2012, Richard Lawson, from Lawson Legal, appeared before Justice Simmonds in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, in relation to an armed robbery offence.

In the matter of The State of Western Australia v Jennings [2012] WASCSR 73, the accused pleaded guilty to one count of armed robbery at earliest opportunity.  Mr Jennings attended a pharmacy in Wembley with the intention of committing a robbery.  He produced a knife and demanded the female pharmacist open the safe, whereby he stole ten Oxycontin containers and a small amount of cash.  Justice Simmonds determined this was a planned robbery of a public service facility, involving a vulnerable female attendant, which placed this offence in a serious category of offending.

During the plea of mitigation, Richard Lawson submitted that Mr Jennings pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and co-operated with the police, which demonstrated his level of remorse.  It was also determined, from the pre-sentence report, that Mr Jennings expressed regret and a degree of victim empathy.

A significant factor in mitigation was that Mr Jennings was suffering from a double hernia medical complication and was placed on OxyContin to manage his pain.  When Mr Jennings was abruptly withdrawn from this medication he realised that his underline propensity for opiates was unlocked.

Mr Jennings had a significant criminal history involving drugs (mainly opiates) as well as two previous convictions for armed robbery.  Justice Simmonds determined that immediate imprisonment was warranted considering the serious nature of the offence and protection of the community.  The sentence of imprisonment awarded by the Court was one of four years and two months with parole eligibility.

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