Jared Buckingham Author & Military Consultant at Lawson Legal

Jared Buckingham is a high achieving mature-aged military consultant, who was in the process of transferring from a commerce degree at Curtin University to pursue law; with the ambition of becoming a defence lawyer for civilian and military personnel.

Jared recently left the Australian Defence Force where he was employed for over eight years in an elite role as an Australian Navy clearance diver.  Clearance Divers are the Australian Defence Forces’ specialist divers.  They are conditioned to work in precarious and high-pressure environments using a variety of specialist skill-sets that include; the extensive use of small arms, specialist diving missions, surface and underwater demolitions, and the rendering safe and disposal of conventional explosive ordnance and improvised explosive devices.

During his tenure in the military, Jared has developed a keen interest in defence law and is extremely passionate in seeking justice for unlawfully mistreated defence employees.  Jared is very familiar and experienced with the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982 (DFDA), Department of Veteran’s Affairs policy (DVA) and the defence military justice system.  Lawson Legal is instrumental in providing valuable advice to defence force employees on their rights, obligations and entitlements.

Jared has ambitions to become a defence/military lawyer because of his social conscience and his desire to achieve the most desired outcome for the client.  Jared is friendly and approachable who understands people in conflict.  He advocates relentlessly for all clients.