Richard Lawson Author & Criminal Lawyer at Lawson Legal

Initially, Richard Lawson became involved in the Canadian criminal justice system in July 1985 when he replaced the night supervisor of an Ottawa Community Residential Centre (halfway house), who was murdered by a resident.

Upon migrating to Western Australia in April 1991, Richard was employed as a Community Corrections Officer in Kalgoorlie before transitioning to law school at The University of Western Australia. Richard completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Master of Laws (LLM) before being admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in December 2000.

After a few years working as a State Prosecutor, Richard established a Perth-based practise as a criminal defence lawyer. He continues to practise as a criminal lawyer conducting criminal matters in the Supreme, District, and Magistrates Courts of Western Australia.

Richard provides affordable, accessible legal advice through:

  • Strong negotiation skills with police and prosecutors to achieve the best outcome for clients;
  • Excellent communication skills in conveying criminal law and procedure to clients in simple terms;
  • Excellent analytical skills in interpreting legislation, case law and police briefs;
  • Representing clients in a holistic way to address all their concerns such as financial, marital, psychological/psychiatric issues and addictions;
  • Being contactable outside of office hours and in emergencies 24/7