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What to Look for in a Good Criminal Lawyer

Finding yourself charged with any number of criminal offences can be unnerving, to say the least. This is a time when even the most level-headed and savvy individuals may feel completely in over their heads. Regardless of the charges, you should not attempt to forego legal representation; you need a qualified criminal lawyer. ...
Changing your plea

Change of Plea to Not Guilty

On frequent occasions, an accused person may have a change of mind about pleading guilty and wish to change their plea to not guilty.  ...
Youth justice

Youth Justice

A young person provided with every possible opportunity to create a bold and vibrant future, in turn, creates a fearless, confident young adult. While the vast majority of young people have secure and nurturing childhoods that establish a strong foundation for life, there are others who meet significant barriersand disadvantage which lead them into regular or…
West prison wall walking south


Bail is a legally binding undertaking that you promise to appear in court on a particular date and time, rather than remain in custody. When the matter is finalised, the bail undertaking will cease to continue. BACKGROUND A large remand prisoner population is a problem. Firstly, a remand prisoner is yet to have their guilt…
Judge in court

Mandatory Sentencing in WA

Increasingly, Australian parliaments are intervening in sentencing practices. In Western Australia, this includes the recent expansion of the “three strikes” home burglary laws. Politicians enacting mandatory sentencing laws claim to be responding to the public calling for harsher sentences , with the courts perceived as too lenient on crime. Unfortunately, the public is largely misinformed…
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