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Illegal drugs are the scourge of society in Western Australia – a fact that is reflected in the harsh penalties often awarded by the criminal courts.  Should you find yourself on a drug possession charge, make sure you secure the representation of expert drug lawyers.


People that become addicted to drugs and can’t afford them, often resort to armed robbery and petty theft. Quite often users become dealers just to pay for the habit and get caught in a vicious cycle that’s difficult to get out of.

On the high end of the scale, are the drug cartels which import massive quantities of drugs, most notably cocaine and methylamphetamine.  From there, the drugs are distributed to high-level dealers, who then sell the drugs on to mid-level dealers, who then forward them to street dealers.  Throughout this process, extenders are usually added to the drug. It is estimated the street dealers drug is 10% of the original product.

It is important to acquaint yourself with legislation by talking to an established drug law firm with drug case lawyers who are familiar with all the information you require.


If someone is caught in possession of a prohibited drug, where the quantity exceeds a prescribed amount, it is presumed that the person intends to sell or supply it.  It is a rebuttable presumption and it is up to the offender to satisfy the court that it is not the case.

The amount, and the particular type of drug, will determine the punishment and the court the offender is sentenced in. The most serious drugs are heroin, cocaine, methylamphetamine and MDMA.  Less serious drugs are cannabis and its derivatives such as resin and oil.  Unlawful involvement of prescription medication can also result in being charged with drug offences.


Drug manufacturing refers to when an individual is involved in any stage of production of an illicit drug. Those who sell certain precursor chemicals, specialised equipment, or assist the manufacture, may be charged with the crime.

Manufacturing drugs will almost always result in a term of imprisonment. In the case of cannabis, the number of plants cultivated will determine whether an offender will receive a custodial sentence.

If you, or anyone you know, needs any help in relation to illegal drug charges, contact Lawson Legal for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced drug offence lawyers.