Updated on November 6, 2020.

Criminal defence attorney, Richard Lawson has considerable experience defending drug offence cases.

He used this expertise as he represented Shannon Brian Chapple, a former Rebels bikie who rose quickly through the ranks of the organisation.


What Crimes Took Place?

Chapple’s arrest took place in Karratha after he and a female companion flew in possessing illegal substances. Chapple’s companion had 217g of methamphetamine in her bag, allegedly placed there by Chapple. He later admitted to placing the drugs in his companion’s suitcase without her knowledge.

Chapple entered a guilty plea to the charge of possessing a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply. Mr Lawson explained to the court that because Chapple cooperated with the investigation and voluntarily left the gang, members of the Rebels stripped him of all possessions including cars, motorcycles, clothing, furniture, and even his cutlery. The Rebels instructed Chapple to blacken his Rebels tattoo, lest they remove it for him.


What Sentence Did the Client Receive?

In light of the circumstances and his cooperation, Chapple received a sentence of four years and three months.