The Lawson Legal office, located in Perth CBD

Lawson Legal are defence lawyers based in Perth, providing criminal legal advice and representation throughout Western Australia. As Perth criminal lawyers, we specialise solely within a broad context of criminal offences and traffic matters.

Our services include:


Our experienced legal team negotiate with police and prosecutors on your behalf for a range of criminal matters;


Attending as defence lawyers at trials, sentencings (including spent convictions) and bail applications in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts in Perth and country regions of Western Australia; and


Representing witnesses at the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), the Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia (CCC) and the Coroner’s Court of Western Australia.



If you’re seeking legal representation or advice as the accused, our experienced Perth-based team can help.

Sexual Assaults

Should you, or anyone you know, need help in relation to assault, contact us for a consultation with Richard Lawson.


Robbery is a very serious offence and penalties are severe (usually comprising terms of imprisonment).


If a person enters someone’s property, without their consent, and commits an offence they can be charged with burglary.

Theft (Stealing)

Stealing is an offence which attract a range of penalties from fines to imprisonment. Need help? Contact Lawson Legal today.

Drug Offences

Should you find yourself on a drug possession charge, make sure you secure the representation of expert drug lawyers.


Reckless Driving

We’ve helped 100s of people across Perth in a range of serious traffic offences, including reckless driving.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is driving a motor vehicle in a manner which subjects the Western Australian public to risk.

Careless Driving

Includes drivers who were in an accident because they were on the phone, eating food or applying make-up.


Bail Applications

Should you need representation for a bail application, contact our Perth lawyers for assistance. We’re experts in the field and have successfully processed 100s of bail applications for previous clients.


After a person has been charged with a criminal offence or a serious traffic matter, they must elect whether to plead guilty or not guilty. We can represent you at trial for a number of legal matters.


After a person has been convicted of an offence, he or she will be sentenced. An experienced criminal lawyer Perth CBD based can help minimise that sentence and get the best possible result.

Spent Convictions

A spent conviction absolves an offender of the burden of having a criminal record. If you’re in trouble with the Western Australia Police, this may be the best possible long-term outcome for you.