Updated on September 23, 2020.

A Perth Doctor Was Charged With Manslaughter

Criminal defence attorney, Richard Lawson, represented physician Alexandra Boyd in the Western Australia Coroner’s Court. Boyd is seeking to clear her name after the deaths of five patients.

Testimony given explained that five cancer patients received alternative treatments in Dr Boyd’s home. The treatments were the same radical treatments prescribed by Dr Hellfried Sartori. The treatments, which involve the injection of various industrial solvents into cancer patients, took place in the kitchen of Dr Boyd’s home.

During testimony, the court heard that Boyd was not present in her home when unregistered nurses injected patients with caesium chloride and other compounds. The patients experienced diarrhoea and vomited green fluids during the treatment. Four of the patients died over the next four days, and a fifth patient died several weeks later.

Mr Lawson explained that his client was under psychiatric care and on suicide watch at a Fremantle hospital. Dr Boyd attempted to take her own life. Mr Lawson informed the court that Dr Boyd’s psychiatrist’s decision to permit her to give evidence sent her over the edge. Mr Lawson added that this was a serious attempt at suicide and not a dramatic cry for help or attention.


What Was the Outcome of the Case?

Mr Lawson’s efforts in representing his client, who was in extreme duress, led to a fair outcome. While Dr Boyd permitted her home to be the site of the treatments, she was not directly involved in criminal activity. She is no longer a part of the medical registry as a result of her limited involvement.