There is no denying that everyone wants to have a good time when out on the town.  The problem is when police tell you to take that ‘good time’ somewhere else or you end up in the back of a police van.

Western Australian police have the authority to issue a move on notice.  Move on notices were introduced in Western Australia in 2006 and give police the power to ban an individual from a designated area for a period of time.  In order for the police to issue a move on notice, they must be satisfied that the person receiving the notice is suspected of:

  • doing something violent, or will do something violent;
  • disturbing the peace;
  • preventing a person from doing something lawful; and
  • intending to commit a criminal offence.

When issued with a move on notice, an individual either refuses to leave or returns to the place prior to the time limit expiring, they can expect to be arrested and charged.

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