While some nurse the headaches of Australia Day, one man fights for his life in a coma after being knocked unconscious in a brawl in Dampier.  This story is not unique.  ‘king hits’ and ‘sucker punches’ are making headline news now more than ever before.  In an attempt to address this issue, the State government of Western Australia in 2008 introduced a new “one-punch law”, which provides that anyone who unlawfully causes the death of another person, whether directly or indirectly, is guilty of a crime whether they did not intend or foresee the death or death was not reasonably foreseeable.

Proponents for the law maintain that it addresses the rise in violence in Western Australian streets.  Attorney General Michael Mischin stated that the law ensures that people receive appropriate punishment for their crimes and these punishments will act as a deterrent to others.  Tom Percy QC states, “I don’t’ think we should have a law which refuses to acknowledge that death could be an accident and each case should be judged individually”.

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