On 7 August 2013, Richard Lawson, from Lawson Legal, appeared before Justice Simmonds in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, representing the accused on numerous serious criminal offences including aggravated sexual penetration without consent, frauds, and armed robbery perpetrated by a former Australia Federal Police Officer and Customs Officer.

In the matter of The State of Western Australia v Adams [2013] WASCSR 152, the accused pleaded guilty to 19 indictable offences including:  nine counts of gaining a benefit by fraud; four counts of attempting to gain benefit by fraud; one count of depravation of liberty; one count of attempted armed robbery; two counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent; one count of armed robbery and one count of possession of identification material with intent to commit an offence.

Mr Adams also pleaded guilty to 12 summary offences including:  one count of stolen Commonwealth property; one count of bringing goods into WA; two counts of stealing; three counts of possessing a prohibited weapon; one count of possessing a controlled weapon; one count of possessing unlicensed ammunition; two counts of possessing stolen or unlawfully obtained property and one count of having a false number plate.

This was an unusual case as Mr Adams offending behaviour involved in a wide range of different offences, which occurred over an extended period of time, accumulating to a total of 31 charges.  Up to this time, Mr Adams was a person of good character.

The sexual offending consisted of Mr Adams sexually penetrating the victim whilst pretended to be armed with a firearm.  In addition, Mr Adams also pretended to be armed with a firearm, when he stole a handbag from another victim.

Mitigating factors, submitted by Richard Lawson, included a plea of guilty at the first opportunity.  Mr Adams also showed remorse for his offending behaviour as well as victim empathy.  He co-operated with the police investigation, and accepted responsibility for his actions.

Mr Adams was sentenced to a term of 10 years’ imprisonment with eligibility for parole.

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