West Perth rapist jailedUpdated on November 6, 2020.

Richard Lawson of Lawson Legal criminal law firm was the defence attorney representing Stephen Michael Adams.

Adams, a former federal policeman and Customs official, was in court on charges of rape, armed robbery, deprivation of liberty, attempted armed robbery, and various fraud offences totalling approximately $75,000.


What Crimes Were Committed?

Adams’ criminal activity began as an obsession concerning how criminals commit various types of fraud. He eventually carried out a series of elaborate scams using stolen information he got through his job at the immigration department.

A year later, Adams acted out his ‘seduction rape’ fantasy when he nabbed a 19-year-old girl as she exited a bus. Adams took the girl to an alley where he stole her passport and raped her twice at knifepoint. Approximately a month later Adams attempted a similar attack with a 26-year-old woman who managed to escape before Adams sexually assaulted her.

In Adams’ defence, Mr Lawson informed the court that as a part of Adams’ job in Customs, he watched hours of pornography. It was this constant exposure to porn that fueled Adams’ sexual fantasy. Regarding the fraud, Lawson revealed that Adams was carrying a considerable amount of debt.

After Adams’ arrest, a rape kit emerged during police searches of his storage locker and home. The kit contains weapons, a disguise, and a supply of Viagra. Justice Ralph Simmonds considered the premeditated nature of the crimes during sentencing. Judge Simmonds decried the crimes as being systematically and deliberately planned criminal activities.


What Was the Result?

Under Lawson’s guidance, Adams entered guilty pleas on the charges levied against him. Adams’ sentence was ten years in jail with parole eligibility after he serves eight years behind bars.