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Careless Driving

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Careless DrivingWith the advent of mobile phones, there is an increasing number of motorists who insist on driving while on the phone. The problem is when a crash results, due to this conduct.

Western Australia has recently introduced offences of careless driving occasioning death, grievous bodily harm or bodily harm.

Drivers who kill or maim because they were on the phone, eating food, applying make-up or tending to children could face a jail term under new laws.

Careless driving could include:

  • taking your eyes off the road to change the radio or CD;
  • turning around to chastise your child in the back seat while driving;
  • being distracted by something outside your vehicle; or
  • rummaging through your handbag on the passenger seat.

If you are convicted for careless driving, the penalties that could be imposed are not as harsh as the more serious traffic offences. Punishment for careless driving includes fines, community based orders and imprisonment.

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